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LGBTQ+ Affirmations

because we all need a little self-love


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We swear by affirmations – they’re our anchor in moments of weakness or hurt.

So we’ll pop our affirmations here as we think of them, in no particular order, and hopefully some of you will find moments of strength in them!

If they do help you in anyway, please show some support by following us on socials or sharing this page for others to read – these small steps reciprocated to one another within the community, slowly help each and all of us rise 💜

I will not let my internal, be impacted by the external.

I will not let others invalidate my presence

I know that I am kind and good to others, even though others may not be kind or good to me, and I will love myself for that.

I may not be where I want to be on my journey to self-acceptance, but where I am is absolutely fine!

I accept that my healing isn’t linear, and ups and downs represent part of my journey

I forgive myself for the days I was unkind to others, because although it wasn’t right, it was my own pain manifesting which I had not recognised

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