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Michael thinks his boyfriend is annoying him | His reality is likely a projection of his own frustrations within himself

Sam is questioning his sanity after seeing Grindr on his boyfriends phone | We help Sam find the answers

Matt’s boyfriend admitted he cheated three years ago | But does it hurt less when all this time has passed?

Ahmed think he’s too sensitive when his boyfriend calls him fat | We think his boyfriend is using controlling communication

The key is understanding her motivations for a threesome, and if she is trying to destroy things between you.

Danny is being pestered by his boyfriend to have unprotected sex, yet doesn’t trust him not to give him an STI. I question why Danny is even with someone he does not trust.

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Agony Aunt James Kearslake, owner of LGBTQ Wellness, giving real column advice to our queer readers, on everything including sex, relationships, mental health and career

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