A Core Memory

I pulled up to the community and instantly was flabbergasted by the beautiful palm trees that towered over my car. The green gates opened slowly as I pulled through them, admiring the atmosphere of the neighborhood. Pulling up to the house, I swear it was like looking up at a skyscraper. I threw my car into park and jumped out as fast as I could. I needed to see the inside of this fresh start.

As I slide the key into the lock, I could hear the pins synchronizing with the key. I opened the front door and was rushed by a breeze of cold air. I stood in the middle of my empty living room, spinning around taking in every little detail of this house. As I stood there I had a moment of realization that this house is my sanctuary. A place where I know me and my children are safe from harm. I left the abuse and misery in Virginia.  I did it, years of being told I would never make it anywhere in life, proved wrong in that very moment. 

Tears filled my eyes, joy crawled up my entire body and all I could do was smile. 

The first time I walked through my house, it was a rush of emotions. Joy, fear and excitement all took over me.  This house is literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a house, but also, its everything I’ve always wanted to give my children. The wrap around staircase, the subway tiles in the kitchen and the glorious bathtub that will bring so many relaxing nights 


This house means restful nights. It doesn’t have any of those haunting memories of being thrown into walls or holes where my head has hit one too many times. It won’t have the echoes of my children screaming out of fear. The smell of death isn’t plastered into the walls. 

This house, this city is a new chapter of our lives. 

I could hear the pitter patter of my children’s feet running around and their laughter filling the air. Such a divine moment, I could feel peacefulness wrapping itself all around me.

My oldest ran up to me with the biggest smile on his face, squeezed me so tightly and said,

“You’re the best mommy in the entire world. Thank you for this awesome house.”  

To most Vegas is a party central, drunken nights and wild memories. The Disneyland for adults. You can either win it all or lose it all, here in sin city. The vacation spot you must visit at least once in your life. For me, Vegas is and will always be my sanctuary. The city that will always have my heart as a safe place. The city of new beginnings.  

The past is in the past now, and of course that doesn’t make what happened to me go away, but I also know my children shouldn’t have to suffer without their father because of our failed marriage.

Author: Krista Smith
Titles: Personal Trainer, Pole teacher, Bikini Model, Wife, and Mother



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