International Non-Binary People’s Day – a Poem

James shares a few words he wrote on International Non-binary People's Day

James is the owner of LGBTQ Wellness – creating content to help people heal and grow, James wants to do good in this world and know he lived not regretting his career choices Meet him here 

Non-binary, non-binary,

I’m wearing enbie finery,

Trans masc, and trans feminine,

But excluding trans women

Agender, and gender flux,

Your trans hate don’t give two clucks…


Man, woman, and intersex,

Gender is getting complex.

Demiboy and demigirl,

In my skirt I femme and swirl,

Bigender and Trigender,

It’s all such a huge hell-bender!


What the frig’s Non-binary,

They/them, whom, and he and she,

His and hers, and theirs, and xe,

Why should I care about thee,

Because I am a human being,


Not man or wo-man, you will see,

Non-binary is living free,

From all bull in society.


It gives us space to be true,

free of shame gender can have on you,

anxiety and depression,

is common with gender suppression.


Non-binary is helping us,

Removing all this gender fuss,

And learning to accept ourselves,

and love those places we’re scared to delve,


Deep within our very soul,

Growing up ne-ver felt whole,

Inadequate as a man,

But not being a trans wo-man,

I felt like a bro-ken human


Do not underestimate the pain I felt,

Of having these gender cards I was dealt,

I suffered for so many years,

Feeling not enough around all peers,


Friends, family, relationships,

Always in the depression grip

Because society’s stupid friggin’ rules,

Made me feel like a human fool


So stop with your stupid hate of me

I’m just a human wanting to feel free

Surely that’s deservedly

Your gender anger is beastly,


I am not less or a failed being,

Your view of me is you not seeing,

That I need to my life freeing,

And being non-binary gives me that feeling,

James Kearslake

James Kearslake

Small Business Owner, Writer, Trans and Mental Health Advocate



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