Does happily ever after really exist?

My friends know I’m a dreamer. I live in my own mind, dreaming of world peace, perpetual harmony and wishing life was a high octane west end musical (seriously, I do). Not holding onto these dreams, as unrealistic as they are, feels like giving up. Resigning myself to the mundanities of life and it’s dreary monotony – it would feel like I’m saying I’m okay with that.

When it comes to love, I’m the Disney princess. I’ve always dreamt of my white knight. My honourable, loyal and chivalrous man who will fall head over heels for me and move mountains to make me happy. Not in a selfish way wanting others to do things for me, to the contrary, it’s because I want someone to love and support me in the way I want to love and support them. I long to find someone I can move mountains for.

I’ve often been ridiculed for my Disney dreams. Told I need to get real, life isn’t that beautiful. Yet, I still hold onto it, dreaming of my knight.

But does the dream hold me back from finding real love?

Maybe it feels too much like growing up.

Maybe it’s a mechanism in my deep subconscious which I’m using to prevent me from falling in love. Maybe I’m not ready to let anyone love me yet.

All I know is, I’m not prepared to settle for anything that isn’t a crazy, kooky, romantically passionate love that fills my entire being with joy, happiness, and wild adventures for the rest of our days…

Author: Little Miss James
Pronouns: he/they
Titles: Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Blogger, Deep Feeler, Dreams of my happily ever after



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