My Pragmatic Poems: It started off as a warm spring night

Little did I know so much cold was in sight.

In what felt like hours, but maybe just minutes

My very soul pushed to its limits

My clothes stripped, my dignity too

That night I thought, I wouldn’t see it through

I lay there after,  for what seemed like hours

Imagining on my grave , what type of flowers

This my story, I told too late

and by that time addiction seemed my fate.

Winter felt like it would last forever

Never would I see my happily ever after

I still feel lost but I’ve now got some light

Please please realise it’s not just your fight

Open up and don’t be afraid

Come in to the light and out of shade

It won’t be easy I can promise that

But what of you they  took, is not all you’re about!

You’re here today, maybe not standing tall

But today can be the day you less and less fall

Start your again life and begin

And think of times to remember when

A time when the sun shone ever so bright

A time when you weren’t alone to face the fight

Draw strength from the fear and use it for power

And move away from your darkest hour

As spring begins you start to thaw

Your days become less about fighting this war

Your life is your own, not those little shites

Your life is your story, your publishing rights

Author: Kevin Bleasdale
Pronouns: he/him
Titles: Gay Blogger



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