Queer Life Coach & Proud; My Commitment to the Community

36 years, a global pandemic, and three national lockdowns later, I’ve realised how much I bloody love the LGBTQ+ community!

I am so inspired to see young, queer people unashamedly being themselves, in a way that I never felt I could growing up.

It. Gives. Me. Life!

Yet I noticed I’m still somewhat on the periphery; a spectator at my own mardi gras.

Being a loner has always been my natural inclination, I’m fiercely independent and like it that way. But I’m at a new stage in my life where I want to connect more with this fabulous community that I’ve proudly observed at distance over the years

I want to use my skills to help LGBTQ+ people live their best lives. To live authentically. To live wholeheartedly.

This is my commitment to our community. My commitment to LGBTQ+ people everywhere. My commitment to myself.

Wish me luck on my new journey, here’s my detailed plan to make it happen:

Step 1. Discover I want to engage more fully with the queer community

Step 2. Realise how cool that is

Step 3. Take a deep breath

Step 4. Jump in!

Author: David Francis
Pronouns: he/him
Titles: Gay, Queer, Life Coach



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