The scars are my story

Krista helps us defining body image using scars as the story

Krista is a mom of three from Vegas, living with her wife, she regularly writes about body image, parenting and her Christian upraising. Meet her here 

Our bodies tell our stories for us. I feel it’s what makes our bodies more beautiful, powerful.

Each and every single thing about our bodies has a story to tell.

The black bags under my eyes all those years told the story of getting no sleep after my new-born; learning the steps of becoming a mom. Or they told of the nights I woke screaming in fear from the night terrors I had.

The stretch marks on my soft tummy tell the beautiful story of carrying and growing my three beautiful babies. The memories of feeling them move for the first time, hearing their heartbeat, and seeing them on the ultrasound.

The scars beside my sunflower tattoo tell the story of my ectopic pregnancy. The nights of me screaming, crying, and begging not to lose my child.

The saggy skin and scar on my stomach shares the story of my C-section to bring my beautiful children into this world. The trauma my body went through to get them earth side.

You see, the things we hate so much, have truly beautiful stories behind them; we tend to forget that. We get so caught up in society standards and comparing ourselves to Instagram models, that we forget the beautiful and powerful stories our bodies tell.

Next time you’re standing in the mirror picking yourself apart, I want you to ask yourself…

What story is my body telling?

What memory is behind this?

I guarantee you’ll smile, and love your body in that moment.

Krista Smith

Krista Smith

Photographer, Baker, Writer, Mom & Wife 4 Wife



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