These last few weeks for me just feel like standstill

You have to get real comfortable being uncomfortable in the moments, where life just feels like it’s paused.

These last few weeks for me just feel like I’m at standstill.

You know those moments in the movies where the person is just standing there and everyone is passing by them really fast, that’s what my life currently feels like.

It feels like life is happening for everyone, but I am just standing here, waiting for shit to happen.

I also know these moments are the perfect time to reflect and focus on myself. They say these moments are gearing you up for the biggest life-changing events. 

I like to think of it as that moment when the arrow is pulled back and you pause, to take a deep breath before you exhale and are shot into the next phase of life.

No matter how long the pause is, no matter how long you feel like you’re waiting for the next phase of your life to happen, just know it’s worth it.

That standstill you are feeling is a beautiful moment to reflect and appreciate everything in your life.

Author: Krista Smith
Titles: Blogger, Personal Trainer, Bikini Model, Las Vegas Photographer, Pole Dancer, Lesbian Mom & Wife



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