“Yoga isn’t for me”. But why?

“Yoga is not for me”

“I am not bendy, I am not flexible. I can’t to do advanced postures. Yoga is for thin, flexible people who talk in a language I don’t understand “

Does this sound like you?

If you answered yes, then this is a misconception; that yoga=asanas (posture) and that you have to be super flexible. If yoga was only about advanced asana, then hundreds of people; the elderly, people with severe health conditions would not be regular practitioners.

Yoga is for everybody and Every Body – no matter what shape, size, age, flexibility or gender. Over the years, there have been so many misconceptions about the practice of yoga. Some propagated by commercially minded individuals.

Yoga has Eight components, 3 of which are asana ( posture) to bend the body, pranayama (breath) to mend the mind and meditation to realize the higher dimensions. Asana is just one of the tools to reach the higher experience, not the goal in itself, although it is incredible when the body is eventually able to practice advanced poses, however advanced postures are not mandatory; the important thing to remember is holding the pose for a period of time to gain a mastery over it.

Even savasana (dead body pose) can be chosen for this purpose, in fact this is one of the most difficult postures to practice as you have to remain still, mind and body but remain in the present moment over time increasing the time held in the pose, without falling asleep or allowing the mind to wander. That said, skipping the asana stage will not help if your body is stiff and not prepared for meditation. One must progressively move along each stage to try to reach a meditative state. This is why you should not compare your practice with any other person as everyone is unique. One must let go of all frustration and comparison. There are other benefits from practicing Yoga, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is up to you which path you follow.

Yoga is for the self, is a very personal thing, with many varied benefits, especially important in today’s very chaotic world. Stress leads to dis-ease = disease and illness. Yoga is often seen as a very female orientated practice, but it was first practiced by men in ancient times in India and more and more men including high profile individuals, sports teams and the like are discovering the benefits of Yoga.

So, if you are ready to start your yoga journey or just want to find out more, then why not drop me a message and lets talk…

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Author: Kamal Patel
Titles: Yoga Teacher, Bikram Yoga Guru, Reiki Healer, Husband, and Dog Daddy



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