LGBTQ+ Fitness: a Guide

Why LGBTQ+ Fitness?

Working out is a joy for some, but a real strain for others. So why not ensure you are surrounded by a supportive LGBTQ+ Fitness class? 


Out in Sport Study

study undertaken by Out in Sport in 2016 showed that 

  • 25% of LGBTQ+ people felt that their negative PT experience at school had discouraged them from taking up sport in their adult life
  • 47% of LGBTQ+ people felt intimidated by sport culture or felt unwelcome in the fitness world

LGBTQ+ Fitness Advantages

It has long been known that fitness and working out have a positive impact on our mental health. However, if LGBT people are feeling intimidated or unwelcome in certain settings, then they are obviously losing out on this benefit.

To help improve LGBT mental health, we have compiled a list of inclusive spaces, the best LGBT personal trainers, LGBT-friendly gyms, sports classes and clubs. 

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