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LGBTQ+ Personal Trainers

LGBTQ+ Personal Training

Gay • Lesbian • Queer • Trans • Non-binary • Bisexual

If you’re looking for an inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly personal training experience, you’ve come to the right address. We have compiled a list of LGBTQ+ personal trainers to help you create the best gay personal training for you. You won’t find any cis-hetero macho talk here, just a great workout and a feeling of belonging.

Queer Personal Training for you:

We don’t just cater for gay men, but also have:

  • a list of lesbian personal trainers
  • a list of trans personal trainers
  • a list of non-binary personal trainers
  • a list of vegan personal trainers

Above you’ll find a list of all of our recommended LGBTQ+ personal trainers. Please do get in touch if you’d like to add a listing!

LGBTQIA+ Resources

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