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LGBTQ+ Fitness Classes

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LGBTQ+ Fitness Classes

  • Joining fitness classes can be intimidating – it’s become such an Instagram lifestyle that it leaves many feeling not adequate enough to participate.

Having LGBTQ+ fitness classes creates safe spaces for our community, where people can feel welcomed and at ease.

This is particularly important for gender non-conforming and trans* people, who experience additional pressures from gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia. 

If you’re in Manchester, check out our monthly workout and social, Trib3 & Vib3

  • a 45m HIIT class followed by snacks and drinks,
  • so we can stay fit
  • while also filling our social needs

For 10% off, use code: LGBTQTRIB3S

Otherwise, check out all other LGBTQ+ fitness classes we have listed in our business directory here.

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