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helping ambitious queers level-up their careers
get pay rises • get promoted • be the top 10%

High Performing Coaching is for ambitious LGBTQ+ people looking to level up in the workplace – working with us, you will:

  • operate in the top 10% of employees at your paygrade
  • get the higher pay rise and bigger bonus
  • stand out as the choice for the next promotion

The High Performance Group Coaching course for LGBTQ+ people operates using the same principles but includes:

  • we analyse and evaluate how you work in a team, so you know your strengths and where you need to improve
  • we teach you how to manage a team, so you gain experience in advance of your peers
  • we teach you how to lead group effectively, through inspiration and collaboration, and show natural leadership qualities

What is coaching

For decades, coaching has been a critical component to successful leadership in organisations. 

With the rise of social media, coaching has become a trend that’s leading people to take coaching qualifications without truly understanding the essence of coaching; people.

Coaching is about understanding yourself, the people around you, and how each individual connects, communicates, and operates, based on our individual strengths, weaknesses, and behaviours.

Who am I

As a highly regarded senior manager within the banking industry by my mid-twenties, I have led successful organisational initiatives, launched and developed new teams, and been critical to the redesign of organisational structures and company changes. 

I did it all by understanding one influential principle early in my career; your people are the key to your success. 

LGBTQ Wellness owner James Kearslake smiling to the camera

Coaching Programs

High Performance Coaching

For LGBTQ+ people wanting to be the leaders of the pack.

  • applying various methods, we help you understand yourself, your motivations, and your behaviours in varying settings
  • we will help you build a picture of how you operate and the values your behaviours are rooted in
  • we determine where you need to shape, shift, and grow
  • we take a no-nonsense approach to get there
  • we meet for 90 minutes once a week, over three months
  • critical feedback is part of the process – even if you don’t thank us for it


High Performance Group Coaching

Launching in October, we’re creating our very own High Performance Group Coaching program for LGBTQ+ people.

  • operating as a group, you will analyse and evaluate yourselves individually, and how you operate within a team or group environments
  • cultivating a safe space to fail, we will draw-out your self-doubts, so you can explore, and learn to counter these, in a space outside of the workplace 
  • encouraging each other’s growth, we set challenges that teach you how to manage people, situations, and escalations, to prepare you for management 
  • set tasks each week for delivery in your career, including taking actions with your managers, and in your 121’s, we will help you transform your position in the workplace within six months and begin operating within the 10% of employees at your paygrade 
  • you will be made to feel uncomfortable, at times you will hate it, but the growth you will go through will be an investment into the rest of your life

Brad, Managing Director

James is able to operate autonomously and quickly comprehends what and how things need to be done with minimal guidance

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James has an ability to excel in all roles,
learning quickly and being able to pivot to
provide his teams with exceptional support
and leadership.
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Liz, COO

James was a key member of our management team; being well organised, risk aware and rich in knowledge.

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James was engaging and a brilliant
motivator of both his own team
and others.
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Matt, Chief Risk Office

James has an ability to excel in all roles, learning quickly and being able to pivot to provide his teams with exceptional support and leadership.

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James's can do attitude and willingness
to learn has an infectious quality that
spreads across the team making a
significant positive impact.
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