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We are a growing network of LGBTQIA+ & Ally personal trainers, fitness and wellness professionals, anand partners, dedicated to illuminating your wellness.

This is how:
We specialize in serving all bodies, genders, abilities, races, ages, and incomes within Queer and Ally communities.
We offer virtual and in-person services, free training funds, and a growing network of highly skilled, passionate, and personally vetted & trusted coaches, Queer & Ally providers & businesses, and authentic storytellers, we aim to become the most emotionally, financially, and geographically accessible personal training organization and wellness network in Charlotte, NC and across the nation.
As a community member, you will not only learn and grow mentally and physically, but you will be integral in changing the face of toxic wellness trends. We will help you establish, deepen, and build sustainable, lifelong tools in a safe, supportive, and trauma-informed environment all while referring you to any and every safe Queer & Ally resource we find and trust.


Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Genderqueer, Non-binary, Gender Fluid, Gender Neutral, Gender Non-conforming


He/him, They/them

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