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My name is Rowan Hyde, and I run Dandelion Facilitation, a facilitation and therapy practice based online and in the East Midlands. I am a Processwork facilitator and trainee Psychotherapist. I am dedicated to values of empowerment, inclusion and compassion in my practice, and have a deep interest in social justice, equality, healing and nature connection. Dandelions are symbols of resilience, and I aspire to enable resilience within my work, to bring individuals and groups into their own wisdom, wholeness and capacity to thrive.

About Me

I have a background in the creative arts, as well as spending many years learning about re-generative land based practices. I spent much of my professional life working with vulnerable and marginalised groups as a support worker until 2016. I am white, non-disabled, and identify as trans non-binary and queer. I use they/them pronouns.

I actively work towards affirming diversity and providing education around issues of marginalisation and oppression. In 2020 I co-founded Beyond the Box, a facilitation collective dedicated to providing education and training around gender, sexuality and relationship diversity. I recognise that on-going self work is necessary to work with diverse identities and experiences, therefore I am dedicated to self-education, self-reflection and constant engagement around dynamics of power and privilege.

I am a member of Radical Therapist Network; a collective committed to anti-oppressive therapeutic practice and education. I am a trainee member of the UK council for Psychotherapy and abide by their ethical and professional standards.

Motivations and values:
I am passionate about holistic healing, facilitating awareness, and working towards social justice. My core motivations and values are:

• A commitment to social justice and intersectionality (find out more about intersectionality)
• A focus on the collective as well as the individual. I understand that much of the oppression and trauma we face as individuals is rooted in collective and systemic oppression
• A dedication to supporting individuals and communities to find healing, resilience, clarity and purpose, in order to transform and find new patterns of relating and being
• A commitment to on-going self work and self interrogation, and rigorous ethical standards of practice
• A trauma informed approach; at all times thinking about safety, consent, choice and empowerment


Queer, Non-binary

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Gender Identity Support, Therapy

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I offer therapy on a sliding scale of £20 - £40 per session, to reflect individual life and financial circumstances. Fees are based on self-assessment using the criteria below. I also offer up to six sessions of free therapy through Community Counselling. Please contact me with any further questions about fees.

If you wish to explore the possibility of working with me, I offer an initial assessment meeting of 50 minutes, charged at £30, where you can tell me a bit about your reasons for coming to therapy, to see if I am a good fit for you, and to ask any questions you might have.

I accept payment by bank transfer.

£20 per session
• I frequently stress about meeting my basic needs
• I am unemployed or under-employed
• I have limited or no access to savings
• I have no or very limited expendable income

£30 per session
• I sometimes stress about meeting my basic needs, but mostly achieve them
• I am employed
• I have some access to savings
• I have some expendable income

£40 per session
I am comfortably able to meet my basic needs
• I am employed
• I have some access to savings
• I have expendable income

Basic needs include food, housing, household bills, medication and transportation. Expendable income is money you would spend on extra items such as eating at a restaurant, going to a concert, buying books, new clothes etc.

Sliding scale fees are offered without proof of income, but with the expectation of honesty about your circumstances, to allow for accessible therapy to people with lower incomes.

Please let me know if your financial circumstances change during the course of therapy so that fees can be adjusted.

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