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I am a Personal Trainer Online & In person in Belfast

I can help you get the best possible quality of life with sustainable all-around fitness.

My approach covers agility, mobility, health, well-being, and longevity by incorporating sustainable lifestyle changes and evidence-based holistic practices into fitness coaching.

I am firmly rooted in providing support and education on lifestyle changes and self-care. This further promotes wellness in mind, body, and behaviour change in the quest for optimal health.

I help build a daily plan that encourages you to take small actionable decisions throughout the day. Hence, this makes the changes more gradual and easier to implement in your everyday lives which sometimes can be so stressful and overwhelming.

About me: I’ve been immersed in movement and fitness practices for over 30 years, with qualifications that include personal training, exercise referral, mindfulness & trauma-sensitive yoga and a degree in dance.

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Queer, Non-binary



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