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LGBTQ+ Mental Health in the UK

Mental health affects a fairly large portion of LGBTQ+ people. However, an LGBTQ+ identity does not automatically mean you will be facing mental health issues now or in the future. Being a minority and having to face discrimination may mean that you are more likely to develop mental health issues than cis-het people.

Stonewall Study

study undertaken by Stonewall in 2018 showed that 

  • 52% of LGBTQ+ people experienced depression in the last year (2018)
  • Research showed LGBTQ+ people face widespread discrimination in healthcare settings
  • 1 in 7 LGBTQ+ people (14%) avoid seeking healthcare for fear of discrimination from staff

LGBTQ+ Mental Health Issues in the UK

Some of the main mental health issues facing the LGBTQ+ community are:

Why do LGBTQ+ people struggle with mental health issues?

As part of the LGBTQ+ community, there are a couple of factors that can exacerbate mental health issues or increase the likelihood of developing mental health issues.

One factor is the process of (not) coming out. Coming out to friends, family, colleagues and the wider community can be an incredibly stressful thing to do. Depending on the responses, you may feel relieved, angry, happy, sad or all of the above. Moreover, coming out does not only happen once, it is often a continuous and never-ending process.

On the other hand, not coming out has a big impact on mental health as well. A study done by the University of Montreal in 2013 showed that there’s was a scientifically positive impact on both physical and mental health for LGBTQ+ people who had come out of the closet.

If you are struggling with coming out or with the effects of having come out, we have written a guide on how to come out just for you!

LGBTQIA+ Resources

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