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How Many Genders are There?

amongst all the confusion and debate, how do we find the truth?



Intersex Trans Enby, Artist, Skateboarder, Cult Leader

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Let’s look at Sex vs Gender

There seems to be ongoing debates about sex, gender, what’s real, and what are fictitious truths made up by the hard left simply to bring a form of daily personal entertainment in their otherwise boring, somewhat dry lives.

So let’s explore that debate…

Sex: biological, physical anatomy, usually derived from a quick glance at your genitals, resulting in the label ‘male’ or ‘female’ being assigned at birth

Gender: your ‘role’ in society, traditionally that of boy or girl, man or woman, assigned to you based on your sex. This role comes with expectations about how your body will develop as you grow, how you will dress, speak and act, and even your career and hobby choices.

In our society, sex as a binary is often seen as an undeniable biological fact. There are two sexes: male and female, and it’s determined by simply observing a penis or vagina on your birth day.

However, as an intersex person, I can certainly say this has not been my experience, and it isn’t for many others.

Sorry to break it to you; sex is a spectrum (shocking, isn't it?)

Born with a ‘female looking body’, but later discovered to have XY chromosomes, a womb but no ovaries, and internal gonads, it’s difficult to categorise myself within the male/female sex binary. Furthermore, modern scientific research is beginning to determine that sex is far broader spectrum across the stretch of human existence, than we may have ever realised.

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Intersex advocate Rae discusses sex, gender, plus more … genders?

This 2015 article by Claire Ainsworth is packed with info about how sex is more of a balancing act between chromosomes, cells, hormones, genitalia and other biological factors (see reader warning below before opening the article), and that this balancing act continues throughout our lives. This means, our sex could be subject to changes as we grow.

Wow, my mind is exploding!

But wait, there is still so much more to learn – it’s almost like humans are a complex biological system existing in a vast, infinitely complicated and ever-evolving multiverse that has been drastically over simplified in order to push a systemic agenda that only benefits a very select few. But that would be crazy (and really left of us), right?


That is exactly what is happening here. 

So, in the interests of dismantling an archaic system that doesn’t really serve most of us, let’s learn some more!

We can now begin to see that traditional notions of sex as a binary are outdated, but what about gender? Surely this is far simpler?

ARTICLE WARNING: the article linked is a scientific journal that includes problematic scientific language referring to intersex people as DSDs, however it is ultimately a progressive article pushing for the re-categorisation of sex as a spectrum. Based on this, we believe the language is used because of the system it’s being presented within (ie a scientific journal), but that the intent of the journal is to call this system into question being something we’re keen to share

The Gender Non-Spectrum

Just kidding. 

You guessed it, gender is another beautiful, binary-busting spectrum!

Despite what the Doctor told your folks when they were slapping your little baby butt, it does not have to mean being a boy or girl. Nor does it have to be linked to your biological sex.

Gender is a complex subject, but it’s best described as a ‘felt sense of self‘ – a part of you that goes beyond your ‘physical self’, and is more of an intuition, or inner voice. 

People who’s gender aligns to their assigned birth sex may struggle to understand that the two can operate in conflict of one another. This is understandable, if they do not experience the gender dysphoria that comes from feeling unaligned to the sex that society assigns to them

Hues, justice movement spearheded by Samuel Killermann, has created The Genderbread Person, an incredible tool to understand physical self, versus felt sense of self, in a fun and informative medium to better understand sex and gender.

Let’s meet The Genderbread Person…

Genderbread Person v4

Now I'm lost. So What Gender am I?

Typically, most people find that their sex fits closely enough with either malefemale, or intersex to feel comfortable with one of these terms. However, when it comes to gender, there are so many different ways to explore and express ourselves that it can feel overwhelming. Many people experience gender dysphoria around their assigned gender, and it’s important to understand if you experience this, there are many options to you for support.

I believe that you do not have to stick to the same gender your whole life. You are more than entitled to grow, change, explore and evolve, and your gender identity and expression can come along for the ride.

Here’s a little list of different gender identities and expressions for you to think about, research and explore. But remember, there are plenty more, and this list is certainly growing and evolving as we learn more about gender.

  • Transgender Man
  • Transgender Woman
  • Transmasc
  • Transfemme
  • Trans (umbrella term)
  • Non Binary
  • Genderfluid
  • CISgender
  • Genderqueer
  • Agender 
  • Gender Nonconforming
  • Butch
  • Two Spirit
  • Omnigender
  • Bigender
  • Androgyne 

So How Many Genders are there exactly?

So how many genders are there? I guess we’re still yet to find out. 

But one thing’s for certain….we love, validate and respect  them all!

Here's some other resources we want to bore you with on this gender stuff:

Article from medical news today exploring gender – advice, support and education around sex, gender and sexuality

You can also follow me for more intersex, trans and non binary content and signposting via IG @cult_of_rae and TikTok @cult.of.rae or visit my website and too!

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