Sports School Shame & My Yoga Journey

I remember being made to feel an outsider as I did not fit the mould of what a boy in a PE class “should” be. I was skinny, weak, effeminate, sexually confused and hated being made the centre of attention.


Binging, bulimia, and restrictive diets – Fat Athletes transforming the Fat narrative

I’ve been fat since I was a child. I’ve joined weight loss groups, tried fad diets, and been stuck in a cycle of restriction and binging. The latter led to unhealthy relationships with food and bulimia. None of those things made me thin, and they certainly didn’t make me healthy. Most importantly, they made me unhappy. Only when I began to accept myself, as fat, did I begin to find happiness.


My pain led to the creation of something so beautiful – this website

Two weeks before lockdown, I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me. It was his way of rejecting me for coming out as non-binary. Being on furlough gave me too much time to sit in my pain. I later lost my job, and then lost my last lifeline through my group exercise income. I’ve been unemployed for five months, and lost £7,000 on my apartment. LGBTQ has been built from so much pain. Yet, I have created something so beautiful and healing, and I am so proud.

My Pragmatic Poems: Super Sidekick

Being alone has me writing this rhyme
No superhero side no partner in crime
Days spent in isolation gives cause for hesitation
To open your door to wanting much more


Our World is Beginning to Heal

In awe of the world beginning to heal – my children playing in the sunshine, giggling, blowing bubbles.

Life is blossoming, once again.

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Writing heals the soul

At LGBTQ we write every day. We write to heal. We write what is in our souls to share. We write, because it feels right.

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