doing good to others is not a duty. it is a joy, for it increases our own health and happiness

- Zoroaster

LGBTQ Wellness is a non-profit venture, borne out of lockdown to do good for our community

if you can volunteer a few hours each month, we'd love your support spreading our message

volunteering develops new skills and enriches a CV

we're keen to hear from people who can create content for social channels, is a graphic designer, or does video editing

don't worry if that's not your skillset, there's plenty of other work to help with

do good, spread joy

leave your name, email and a short description of your skills, and we’ll get back to you

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The Queermmunity

Hi there, every fortnight our queermmunity receives:
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• 1 article on wellness
• 1 meditation

LGBTQ Wellness owner James Kearslake smiling to the camera (flipped)

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