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Popular Articles

by Joe Marsh l Manchester

Exploring chemsex in the community, if it’s normalised, and the risks our community face by it.

by Joe Marsh l Manchester

Helping you identify negative self talk, and providing tips on how to address it

by Rea l London

Exploring the countless gender identities, the evolution of gender and what’s next.

by Rea l London

Understanding gender dysphoria more closely, and how to support people experience gender dysphoria

Fitness & Wellbeing

We exercise to feed our body, mind, and social soul. 

Nobody is limited from exercise with LGBTQ Wellness

Queer Spin

a weekly inclusive spin class for everybody – beginners and allies welcome


Trib3 & Vibe

A monthly Workout & Social in collaboration with Trib3 Deansgate – click below for full details! 👇



Calming meditations to help you still the body and mind, whenever, and wherever you are



James Kearslake, owner of LGBTQ Wellness, is delivering a 60 second breath pattern for any time of the day - a simple meditation to help incorporate into your life
60s to calm the nervous system
James Kearslake, owner of LGBTQ Wellness, delivering a simple meditative breathwork pattern to help calm us down
calm down with me in 60s

Advice Column

Your friendly queer advice column, with a no bullsh#t agenda

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Aunty James l Manchester

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